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Our Courses

Our Vision

The goal is to inspire students' confidence in speaking a second language, provide professional teachers, make you feel at home, and strive to create an international language learning environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the most effective language institute in the world. This is not only our goal, but also our direction, and at the same time let the students study confidently in a comfortable environment.

​​Our advantages

English is the first language in Singapore. Our English courses adopt high-quality essence small classes, the closest communication, the most intimate experience. Classes of 3 to 10 students allow each student to be effective in the interaction and quickly improve their English communication skills and self-confidence. 


Our English teachers have professional qualifications and rich English teaching experience, and will create a relaxed and free English learning environment for you. Join us, you will get a learning experience at home.

Preferred school in Singapore

Join us, you will get the following benefits.


Excellent Faculty Team

​ Everyone is most concerned about the issue of teachers when learning languages. The tutors of the college come from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. They are all professional and experienced teachers approved by the Singapore Education Bureau and have rich teaching experience. They are good at motivating students to actively participate in courses through interactive teaching, audio-visual teaching, and group games.


Flexible Schedule

You can use our student system to arrange and manage your courses independently. Whether you are going on vacation or want to take a day off, we can arrange make-up classes for you or extend the validity period of the courses according to your needs.


Professional course consultants
comfortable learning environment

Our friendly course consultants are professionally trained and proficient in various languages, and can recommend suitable English courses for you.

Featured language courses:

In addition to pure classroom learning, there will also be blended learning.


We have the most advanced learning materials, modern technology to assist English learning, and we have APPA platform to synchronize textbook materials to assist students in learning.


Our classrooms are all small classes, usually only 8 students in a class, small class education allows teachers to always take care of each student, and make changes in teaching methods at any time according to changes in students.


Our teachers have many years of experience in language education, and many teachers have master's and doctoral degrees.


Their rich teaching experience allows them to customize classroom teaching methods according to students' situations and teach them according to their needs.


And the teachers are all foreigners, so you don't have to worry about having a strange accent in the English you learn!

​Special way of teaching

Rich and interesting real-life drills in English classes will help you master oral English and grammar faster.


Wonderful examples, discussion and communication are an excellent environment for learning English that combines theory with practice.

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International plaza10 Anson Road. #25-07  Singapore 079903

+65 6518 3373

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9:00 am – 10:00 pm

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